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Bug#281538: languagechooser: [s390] Invalid setup of localization

On Fri, Nov 19, 2004 at 07:20:28PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> I know. That was a conscious choice as I think this step in the 
> installation is the first step responsible for setting up this file.
> Both files are not claimed by a regular package if I check with dpkg -S 
> and packages.d.o.
> With the assumption that this step is responsible for setting them up, the 
> old situation of adding to the file seemed unneeded and possibly broken 
> to me (as double entries could be created by just assuming the entries 
> are not yet present; harmless I know, but broken anyway).

It is safer to not overwrite dboostrap_settings, in case something
does write to it before languagechooser.

> For dbootstrap_settings at least, I intend to check with the scolinux 
> people (as in theory there could be a base file installed in the 
> base-installation step from a custom package).
> For /etc/environment I am certain that this is the first time the file is 
> set up and so that creating it is correct.

Yeah, I was overzealous about this one.


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