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Re: apt-get,d-i and small hard disks

On Tue, Nov 16, 2004 at 04:12:02PM +0100, sferriol wrote, a cross post:
> hello
> i have a problem using apt under small disk, on a PC under debian and 
> another during debian installation (pre-rc2).
> On the first PC, i do a 'apt-get upgrade' but there is no place to 
> download packages and after configure them. i finally succeed by 
> selecting package one by one 'apt-get install package; apt-get clean'
> why apt-get can not do that automatically when there is no enough free 
> disk space ?
> It's the same under debian installer, it do not verify if there is 
> enough  space on disk before installing packages, i succeed to install 
> by executing 'apt-get clean; apt-get upgrade' in a shell

The manual page of apt-get says "see also  apt.conf(5)"
In the manual page of apt.conf, there is

       Dir::Cache  contains  locations  pertaining to local cache information,
       such as the two package caches srcpkgcache and pkgcache as well as  the
       location to place downloaded archives, Dir::Cache::archives. Generation
       of caches can be turned off by setting their names to  be  blank.  This
       will  slow down startup but save disk space. It is probably prefered to
       turn off the pkgcache rather than the srcpkgcache. Like Dir::State  the
       default directory is contained in Dir::Cache

> thanks
> sylvain

Geert Stappers
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