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Bug#281805: install report

reassign 281805 tasksel
retitle 281805 Please provide an expert choice for using dselect instead of aptitude

> everything went smooth and i'm very satisfied with debian-installer,
> but i missed dselect, i mean, in previous debian-installer versions
> i was able to select that i want to use dselect, i'm not asking for
> dselect to be the default package selection tool in debian-installer,
> but i think many people love dselect (i do!) and also want to use it
> in sarge to install packages etc., even if there is something "new"
> or "better" ;) ... please consider to ask the user who is installing
> the system what frontend to apt he want to select packages (like you
> did in previous debian installer versions).

There are post-sarge plans for adding a few options in tasksel like
installing no new packages at all. I guess that a low level question
such as which frontend should be used can be bringed back....as long
as no other obstacle prevents it.

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