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Re: translation

Quoting windo@windowlicker.dyn.ee (windo@windowlicker.dyn.ee):
> Hi.
> I heard you were having trouble finding translators and especially
> estonian translators. So, as a everhappy user, I hereby submit myself to
> your command and try to squeeze what time I have into translating.
> Haven't done much of it, but for a time of need, I think I'll do fine.
> No, I'm not a subscriber (to anything).

Hey, great news. 

Indeed, yes, we're currently missing support for the Estonian language
so an estonian translator is highly welcomed.

As a first introduction I suggest you look at the "I want to help"
section of the Debian Installer translation status page:


You'll find there a link to the general and huge documentation about
d-i localisation. Please read the first sections in order to get
familiar with our work method.

When you feel ready, you can apply for an account on Alioth
(alioth.debian.org) and get back to either me or Dennis Stampfer

In any case, if something is not clear for you, feel free to ask,
either by mail (to debian-boot or private to myself and
seppy@debian.org), or on #debian-boot IRC channel on freenode servers.

Welcome on board...:)

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