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Re: To install over ich6r raid

When you come to the step to partition your hd I'm gessing you something like 'no availible drives' and the screen goes red in the backgound, right?

The new ICH6 chip is very new but it is supported by the ata_piix module through libata. So just modprobe ata_piix to enable d-i to detect your HD. But make sure your installing in a kernel 2.6.x install cause its the only one that has the libata and ata_piix with it.

In simple steps this is what you should do:
When booting from the install cd you enter either 'linux26' or 'expert26'. Then go through the install until you fail to detect your hard drive and then press ALT+F2 to switch the other console and press enter to activate it. Here you just type 'modprobe ata_piix' and it should produce no messages and then leave you at another prompt. After this you just switch back to d-i with ALT+F1 and redo the 'Detect hardware' step which should be one step above the partition hard drive step. And then you should be able to detect your hard drive during the rest of the installation. =)

All this I wrote down from memmory so if all the terms and labels are correct I blame my brain. Oh and by the way, I'm sorry if I seem to treat you like a newbie by writing this detailed how-to but its not your fault, I just felt like writing it so no offense. ;)

- Mats

johon Doe wrote:
Hi all, I have some problems to install sarge over a
ich6r raid controller, simply the boot cd doesn't see
the array, but it sees the ich6r controller.
Those are my hardware:
mobo asus p5gd1 (ich6r sata raid controller)
hard disk Maxtor MaxLine3
P IV 3000 GhZ
1 GB ram

the sarge cd is the cd1 downloaded with jigdo,

How can I solve ?
Thx very much.

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