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Bug#281394: env2debconf doesn't work on s390

Adam Thornton wrote:
> I've forwarded this to the Marist Linux/390 list, which the IBM S/390 
> kernel developers read.

Please let them know that I've found that this is not a kernel bug at
all. If I boot the installer with init=/bin/sh, the environment variales
are there. It seems something in the boot sequence, specific to s390,
loses the variales before env2deconf can get to them.

> I'm guessing that this was also the reason that when I tried 
> preseed/url=http://server.sinenomine.net/debian on Friday, it didn't 
> actually work, and I still had to manually choose my mirror?

The other problem is that none of the s390 images have network-preseed
on them, although that is easily fixed.

> *Is* the correct behavior that, once I've entered my network 
> information, the preseeding should take over and use the mirror I 
> specified?


see shy jo

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