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Re: Booting and installing via Network (no floppy/CDROM available) - looking for pointers

Quoting Ralph Seichter (debian-ml@sentries.org):
> Christian Perrier wrote:
> > Combining both will guve you what you want, I guess.
> Thanks, Christian. Serving the Installer Kernel via ISC DHCPD and
> booting with this Kernel works now. I used a Dell Latitude D800 for
> testing, because the server has not yet arrived, but unfortunately
> the IDE hard disk is not being found for partitioning. When I boot
> from Sarge CD #1 instead of booting via LAN, the hard disk is being
> found without hassle.

Hmmm, this is strange as no parameter should be needed here.

I'm suspecting some more general problem as there has been at least
another report with "hard disk not found" recently.

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