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Re: Bug#280126: marked as done (ICH6 Sata controller not recognized)

Hmmmm, I don't think this closing is appropriate :

The subject of bug #280126 is "installation-reports: success (Dell Optiplex GX280 + kernel-2.4.27 + IDE)"

In this bug report I stated that:
- the installation was without pb with kernel 2.4.27 + PATA mode.
- the installation didn't work with 2.4.27 + SATA mode.

In #278203 Sven Luther wrote:
"Notice that this is for 2.6.8 kernels, the ata_piix driver is obviously not supported in 2.4.27. The :

  #define PCI_DEVICE_ID_INTEL_ESB_31      0x25b0

Is in the pci_ids, but no driver claims it, so it will not be supported at all on 2.4 kernels, but there should be no conflict at all."

I don't really see why a discover-data upload would solved the latter?

Now, as this installation was fine in PATA mode, this bug could just be closed.



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