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Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 14:41:19 CST
From: Martin J Rosenstein <rosen054@umn.edu>
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I have an alpha up2000 750mhz uniprocessor, scsi system plus ide cdrw
I have successfully booted and used Debian testing several times.  The new
installer works very well with the exception of a small number of
Good job.
My problem is that after a while, only root can log in.  My user accounts
cannot be logged into.  When I type the user name (either on a vt or in
x-window) I get a message that it is rebooting.  When I create new user
accounts, the creation goes well, but same problem.
Is this a known issue?  Any suggestions?  I can send you any log info you
might need.
Martin Rosenstein

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