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Bug#279959: Bug#279559: Things to do for debugging the X300 cdrom problem

This was sent to the wrong bug number..:-)

Daniel, you can ignore this....the comment is not related to a bug in
aptitude, but a bug in discover1-data. Thankfully, I'm subscribed to
both PTS..:-)

The real bug is 279959.

Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle@debian.org):
> 08:55 < bubulle> joshk: any suggestion for debugging #279959?
> 08:55 < bubulle> (dell X300 USB cd-rom)
> 08:55 < joshk> bubulle: i don't know, was usb-storage loaded in both cases?
> 08:56 < joshk> you never said what modules were loaded on the system where it didn't work
> 08:56 < joshk> and whether or not you tried manually loading some modules
> 08:56 < bubulle> don't knwo, I wasn't here..:-)
> 08:56 < bubulle> ok? i'll try to manually load the modules
> 08:56 < bubulle> I just didn't remember what we said about that bug....
> 08:57  * bubulle sends this to the bug log
> So, for more debugging about this CD detection problem, things to do
> are:
> -run d-i up to the stage where the cd detection failed
> -switch to 2nd console
> -modprobe usb-storage
> then list the loaded modules (lsmod)
> Then go back to 1st console, retry the CD detection step....
> If it fails again, go again to 2nd console and try manually loading
> sr_mod and try again.
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