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Bug#252000: problem unchanged w/newest d-i

Just responding to the request for further info... I did try the latest
release of sarge netinst in October, 2004 on an IBM NetVista exactly
like the one described in the original bug report.  I got exactly the
same results: The PC boots off the CD, but when the install process
gets to the point of trying to recognize and read the CD, it complains
and fails.  Read the original report; the behavior is unchanged.

BTW, a Woody install disc works fine.  (which is what I'm going to do...
dist-upgrade after a Woody install)

I did find the original config sheet from the vendor we purchased this
unit from.  It lists:

IBM NetVista A40 P3-800 20GB 128MB
with Part#MID-150889 IBM 48X CD 10K3782

Thanks,   -Gary

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