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Re: Bug#280122: debian-installer: wrong keyboard with krnl2.6 + french + USB

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):

> FWIW, I'm inclined not to let this block the release if it only affects
> i386, because 2.6 kernel is out of the normal install path and this
> seems like something that could be errataed as a case where you can just
> use 2.4 or expert mode instead, and not bother too many people.

We're in a grey area : it will affect all 2.6 i386 installs on newer
machines (one can expect that, starting from now, all new desktop i386
machines are shipped with USB keyboards). So, though it does not
strictly affect the default installs, we can assume this will hit a
non negligible fraction of our potential users....

So, as we have (unfortunately) some time left because of netcfg needed
changes, we'd better fix that one too.

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