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Bug#280122: debian-installer: wrong keyboard with krnl2.6 + french + USB

Christian Perrier wrote:
As you have an usb-keyboard, the list that is shown _is_ correct for you.

No it is not. There is more than just UI/localisation pb here. If you choose "Macintosh USB français" the keyboard layout is plain wrong = mac layout (wrong mapping of alt, altGr & a bunch of other keys).

Well, then the translations are correct...but the installer is wrong
when driving you to the list of Mac keyboard maps while the list of
"AT" keymaps would be more suitable....

If so, then the bug pertains to kbd-chooser.

Fabriuce, can you try what follows:

Reading you next mail, it seems you already did quite some tests with french USB keyboard. Thanks for your time.
Do you guys still wants me to go through the following tests ?

-Boot with "linux26 DEBCONF_PRIORITY=medium"

-Choose French, then France

Here you should be prompted about keyboard type : USB or
AT-style. "Type du clavier". Choose "Clavier de type PC (connecteur AT
ou PS/2)". Ignore that you have a USB keyboard..:-)

Then choose the "Français" option...

If all is OK, then, Frans, we should probably reassign the bug to
kbd-chooser and find how to drive users of USB keyboards on i386
systems to "PC-Style".....

There is also a chance that I am wrong. I'll try to test this with
some machines I have at work (unfortunately no direct access to
Optiplex GX280 yet....but I may get my hands on one).



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