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Bug#280122: debian-installer: wrong keyboard with krnl2.6 + french + USB

retitle 280122 Translations for mac/usb keyboards are confusing
reassign 280122 console-data
severity 280122 important
tags 280122 l10n d-i

On Sunday 07 November 2004 13:22, Fabrice LORRAIN wrote:
> Using
> http://people.debian.org/~joeyh/d-i/images/2004-11-06/netboot/netboot.t
>ar.gz on a Dell Optiplex Gx280 + Dell USB keyboard.
> Booting with linux26 + french language + France gives the Macintosh USB
> keyboard menu, which is wrong.
> Booting with the 2.4 kernel or linux26 + english + UK + British English
> doesn't show this problem.

Hmmm. In fact you are being shown exactly the same list of keymaps.
The confusion is caused by the translations, which imply that the keymaps 
are for 'macintosh usb' keyboards. In fact the keymaps in the list are 
suitable for _both_ 'macintosh' and 'usb' keyboards.
As you have an usb-keyboard, the list that is shown _is_ correct for you.

English list       French list
Belgian            Macintish USB belge
German             Macintish USB allemand Latin-1
German             Macintish USB allemand Latin-1 sans touches mortes
American English   Macintish USB pour les États-Unis

English list       Dutch list
Belgian            Belgisch Macintosh usb-toetsenbord (mac-usb-be)
German             Duits Macintosh usb-toetsenbord (mac-usb-de-latin1)
German             Duits Macintosh usb-toetsenbord zonder dode toetsen
American English   Amerikaans Engelse Macintosh usb-toetsenbord

So AFAICT the same list is shown with two different headers for 
installations on i386 and powerpc:
"Keymap to use for a USB keyboard:"
"Keymap to use for a Macintosh keyboard:"

This means that, to avoid confusion, the indications 'Macintosh' and 'USB' 
should be removed for all options in the translations for the listitems.
For the Dutch translation, it would probably be best to also remove the 
names of the keymaps that are shown between parentheses.

Note: In the English list the difference between the two options for 
German should be made clear.

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