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Bug#280135: #280135: Please consider supporting localization but with messages in EN (was: Re: Bug#276067: Reassigning this bug report)

I have cloned the original bug report to keep the two issues separate:
- Base default keymap more on country than on language (#276067)
  This is a should work if the user chooses English/Norway even if there
  is no en_NO locale.
- Support for localization but with messages in EN (#280135)

On Sunday 07 November 2004 12:45, Morten Sickel wrote:
> [...]
> So, when selecting language, I selected UK English. On the next screen,
> I was presented with a list of 'reasonable countries' due to my
> selection of language, iirc, Denmark was among them, therefore I send a
> comment that you could maybe add Norway as well (I do not think there
> are any en_DK locale either...)

Well, for some reason it seems there _is_ an en_DK locale. I can 
understand your request for adding Norway from that.
However, personally I feel the en_DK locale should not really be there. I 
agree with Denis that adding en_XX locales for countries that don't have 
English as an official language is a bad idea.

> So to sum up, what _I_ want (and I guess that most Norwegians (and for
> that case Danies, Swedes and others people from 'small' languages),
> computer literate enough to start installing debian would agree with
> this) to achieve in as few keypresses as possible is to have
> - Communication with the operating system in English
> - Other things set up to match the typical locale settings, e.g.
> keyboard layout, sorting, time zone (again multiple choises for some
> countries) etc.

IIUC this could be done by supporting Denis's suggestion of setting both 
LANG and LC_MESSAGES in Debian Installer.
However, it will take some creative thinking to include support for this 
without bloating the userinterface and keeping what will actually happen 
clear to users.

Note that this will certainly not happen before the release of Sarge.

For now the best option for you is to modify /etc/environment manually 
after installation.


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