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Bug#276067: Reassigning this bug report

reassign 276067 console-data
retitle 276067 Please base the keyboard layout choice on country rather than language or language/country settings

(-l10n-dutch people, there's something for you at the end of this
mail. Read #276067 first)

The comments about this bug report have some minor errors, needing

Frans mentioned:

We only include countries in the shortlist for a language that have it as 
their primairy or as official language. If we would include Norway, we would 
probably have to include half the world for English.

Indeed, the short country list is not based on "primary or official
language". The displayed countries are those for which locale data
exist for the given language. So, if someone cares about creating a
en_NO locale for "English as spoken in Norway" and has it included in
the locales package, then Norway will show up in the short country

I would find this a rather surprising idea, but nothing forbids
this..:-). IIRC, and even though I never visited NO myself, the road
signs there are mostly in norwegian and not English..:-)

About the default keyboard : the choice here is coded in the
console-data package, in the file named
debian/udeb/console-keymaps-at. It is based on the *locale*. When you
choose English then Norway, the locale will be en_US : this is a
fallback because no en_NO locale exists.

What you're indeed asing is basing the default keyboard layout on
country rather than language or language/country selection...for a
need which is indeed somewhat a "niche". Default choices are mostly
intended for average users : those who, in your case, will choose
their own language (nb or nn) then their country.

Those people will get the Norwegian keyboard because of that line:

no:nn:nb:se     no-latin1       Norwegian

This is why I retitled this bug report....and I have to mention that
I'm against the change suggested by the title I put there..:-). Would
I be the maintainer, then I would tag the bug as "wontfix".

Frans, about the nl_BE case : there is indeed nothing in this
console-data file (debian/udeb/console-keymaps-at) about keyboard for
Dutch. So the default for all nl locales will be the US keyboard.

The people from Netherlands already asked about having the US keyboard
as default...which ended up in removing the nl lines, IIRC.

If you think that nl_BE should lead to the Belgian keyboard, then you
need to file a bug report against console-data for that.

But, for this, more input is needed from Dutch-speaking people from
Belgium : what is the *usual* keyboard for the average Dutch-speaking
users in Belgium (not geeks....*average users*).


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