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Re: debconf: country code in a base-config script

On Παρ 05 Νοε 2004 21:36, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:

> However in my case I need the country code for a script that simply
> needs a country code and not much more. No extra logic is involved
> besides maintaining a list of valid country codes.
> I also don't like the dependency on perl. So far I have managed to
> keep my system withot the package 'perl' itself, and with only
> perl-base .

I don't know about your other needs, but I can guarantee that 
localization-config depends on perl-base only. It did depend on perl, 
but this has been fixed. Anyway, it was just a suggestion, still I 
believe that in this manner it might be better to use some existing 
package, like l-c, that was designed for this purpose.
  Anyway, out of curiosity, what do you intend to do? Perhaps, your 
script might be useful to more locales other than the ones you 
originally thought of.


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