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Bug#279098: Install on Alpha XS1000 and 500au

* Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> [2004-11-03 22:47]:
> Yep, I've started working on updating the documentation this week (finally),
> so the references to MILO should be remedied soon.

Maybe you can add some brief instructions about how to flash a machine
to use SRM (or put in a reference to the SRM HOWTO - unfortunately,
it's a bit out of date though and doesn't contain an up-to-date
location of the SRM binaries).  I have at least one box which doesn't
have SRM so I could even test this.

> > The next thing was that the default language was Albanian (the first in the
> > list).
> Hrm... this could be an srm-reader bug, it should be able to grab a sensible
> language default from the SRM settings... what does the language default to
> on other archs?


> Preserving console boot arguments and writing them to the aboot.conf would
> probably be a good idea, yes.  The config file should *not* be the default
> from aboot, there is certainly code to generate a config file that includes
> the right partition information.  Did this happen in your case?

Yes, aboot had the right partition information (only the "console=.."
was missing).
Martin Michlmayr

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