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sarge install problem


I know sarge since the end of last July.

I was learned howto install the netinstallcd by people in indymediachat.

had no problems to install it.

I have now i new pc with a radeon 9200 graphic card and have problems to
install sarge on it.

I burned the iso images frm last week, 23/10, 24/10, 25/10,... till today.

most of them don't work.

when the installing of the base system begins, most of the time i get
"could not load debconf".

when lucky and i succeeded to install the base system, i afterwards
installed the x-window-system and fluxbox and mozilla-firefox and

problem i have than is that the browserwindows and evolution widow dont
open, or open and close by themselve.

what can be the problem?

i'm not really tech.

can i change the kernel mgae by another one by dselect/aptitude or what is
the best  can do?  start with a floppybootdis and start from there?

can you give me some url's that would help?

greetings and thanks,


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