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Kees van Vloten wrote:
> Thanks for the tip of preseeding the languagechooser on the kernel command
> line!
> I works fine. I could not find that in the installation manual, which I
> really read carefully.
> I have a few questions left:
> - Specifying language on the command line is the 8th parameter in my test
> scenario, that leaves me without the possibility of using any other kernel
> parameter. Wouldn't it be a good idea to pack all d-i parameters in one,
> for example:
> installer="preseed/url=
> languagechooser/language-name=English DEBCONF_PRIORITY=critical" and then
> unpack it in d-i? This leaves more space for other kernel options.

Well remember that there's also a command line length limit, which this
would only make worse.

Have you removed vga=normal, the ",dall" and any other generally
unnucessary options yet?

> - "After installation instead of reboot the machine switches off." Is this
> a known bug for older acpi systems?
> - I get a garbled display right after configuring the network, switching
> to the second tty and back helps but it should really garble in the first
> place?!


> - Will preseeding of lvm and raid be ready before the release of sarge? I
> would really appreciate this feature.

We have the unreleased partman-auto-lvm in svn, but since it only works
for systems that have free disk space, it's not very useful yet.

see shy jo

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