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Bug#279307: debian-installer: shortcut for language/country/keymap is useful

Quoting W. Borgert (debacle@debian.org):
> Quoting Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org>:
> > This will be implemented in localechooser which will replace
> > languagechooser and countrychooser in further d-i development (see
> > /people/bubulle/localechooser in d-i SVN). Language and country will
> > be preseedable as preseed/locale:
> ..
> Do I understand this correctly: Will I be able to set this
> stuff in the preseed file in the future?  That would be great.

No because the localechooser package will always be used before the
preseed file can be accessed unless someone finds a way to have a very
early preseeding step.

This is a kind of chicken and egg problem..:-)


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