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Re: The best scheme to test D-I

> Hi all,                                                                 
> I'm going to clean my hard drive and re-install all my system. I have a 
> powerpc based computer and I will put mac os x and debian on it. I also 
> plan to test d-i on this computer. Then, I wanna know if some of you    
> could give some advice on partitionning the hard drive. I mean, should I
> create a third free partition along side the two main partion (mac os + 
> debian ) in order to be able to test d-i without deleting my existing   
> debian partion or is there another way to test d-i?                     

The first Debian install will be used as your first test of d-i...:-)

After this, if you want to keep something for testing d-i later, you
have two possibilities:

A spare partition : however, as Otavio mentioned, this is quite
dangerous on your daily machine. The current D-I will probably be very
safe, but further versions may be more dangerous...

An emulator such as VmWare or qemu : however, I don't know if qemu is
available on ppc machines....

The latter is bay far the safest, of course, if you can do it....

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