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Bug#277481: Installation report

Samuel Thibault wrote:
> I had to resize pre-installed windows' ntfs partition, and hopefully the
> pre-rc2 is advertised as having "online ntfs resizer". But it isn't
> advertised in the installation process. The partitionning tool just
> tells that there is no room for creating linux partitions. It should
> rather see that there is an ntfs partition, and hence propose the
> user to launch a shell and use the resize tool by hand. Actually, I
> didn't know the name of that tool, so I had to look at /sbin/*ntfs*,
> then /bin/*ntfs*, and at last I found /usr/sbin/ntfsresize. This should
> at least be documented somewhere.

Why use it by hand? Go into the partitioner, select your ntfs partition,
and tell it to change its size.

> About http proxies, I had some trouble: I wanted to write my own
> sources.list as soon as possible, so I didn't chose the http method in
> debian-installer, and asked to write it myself. But then I wasn't asked
> for an http proxy for the deb http:// lines I included in my
> sources.list file, while I would have been if I chose the http method.
> It would be useful if the debian installer could parse the handwritten
> sources.list somewhat to see that http will be used, and propose to use
> an http proxy (just like it does for http method).

Ok, reasonable idea I suppose, I'll reassign this bug to base-config for

see shy jo

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