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Bug#276379: installation-reports

resassign 276379 hw-detect
retitle 276379 Problems detecting netw. card (e1000) & disk contr. (megaraid2)
tags 276379 d-i

On Wednesday 13 October 2004 18:55, Timo Veith wrote:
> Package: installation-reports
> Comments/Problems:
> Configure network hardware: The configuration of the network hardware
> succeded. Actually it went by to fast to see anything. But I believe
> that the e1000 module wasn't loaded. It got loaded later.
> Detect hard drives:
> This pace in the setup brought no error actually but I think the
> megaraid2 module should be loaded before this. Which is not the case.
> I did it manually in a shell on another console. Then I did "Detect
> hardware" again and so the install process went on.
> Reboot:
> After the inital reboot, the kernel panics with "Kernel panic: Attempted
> to kill init". A few lines before that error one can see the message
> "bla ... megaraid.o ...init_module: No such device". This is not the
> right module. I don't know where this gets loaded but it's wrong.

This looks like two hardware detection problems.
Reassigning the report to hw-detect.

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