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Bug#276244: Grub fails on install of Debian Testing

Package: Grub / Debian installer

Version: Debian Installer, floppy-install prerelease marked as Working, downloaded oct. 8. 2004 (from http://people.debian.org/~joeyh/d-i/images/daily/floppy/)

Package: Grub or Debian Installer

- Four Western Digital Venturis P1,  100-133 Hz,
 harddisks betwen 13 and 160 GiB (one harddisk on each),
 64 MB RAM on each computer
- One TCI 80486 dx2
 one 80 GiB harddisk
 32 MB RAM

Harddisks partitioned as:
 - /boot (~30 MB at the beginning, marked as active bootpartition),
 - swap (~300 MB directly after the boot partition),
 - / (all remaining space)

What I do to demonstrate the problem:
- Install Debian, by fetching the distribution over web.
I am using the plain installer (pressing [enter] at the initial installation screen). - Reboot the computer after the initial packages have been successfully installed

Expected behaviour:
- A Grub - menu, with boot option

Observed behaviour:
- BIOS screen with initial data, and below is the following message:
 * GRUB Loading stage1.5.
 * GRUB loading, please wait...
 * Error 18

Suggested fix: Either replace GRUB with LiLO from the plain installer, or fix the problem with GRUB and large harddisks. All computers are running Debian Testing perfectly if I use the old installer from Woody, and keeps LiLO as bootloader when upgrading to Testing. A quick Google using the keywords 'Grub "error 18"' gave me 547 different hits at the time of this report (okt. 12. 2004), so personally I think this might be a serious problem with GRUB.

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