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Bug#275075: acknowledged by developer (Bug#275075: fixed in base-installer 1.10)

On Friday 08 October 2004 20:55, Joey Hess wrote:
> Kenny Hitt wrote:
> > I can use expert mode to make sure the speakup kernel image is
> > installed, but just typing "linux" results in the kernel image that
> > matches my cpu getting installed.

I have tested this, and can confirm the error.
Once you see what happens, it's quite obvious.

The kernel to try for is set as:
  trykernel=kernel-image-$(uname -r)-speakup
As 'uname -r' gives "2.4.27-speakup", this results in:
Which is one -speakup too many ;-)

I've committed the fix to SVN (with changelog).


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