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Bug#275075: acknowledged by developer (Bug#275075: fixed in base-installer 1.10)

Kenny Hitt wrote:
> Hi.  It appears the butg hasn't been fixed in the floppy images from 
> http://people.debian.org/~joeyh/d-i/images/daily/floppy/access
> 07-Oct-2004 15:05
> I can use expert mode to make sure the speakup kernel image is
> installed, but just typing "linux" results in the kernel image that
> matches my cpu getting installed.

I've temporarily reopened the bug so I don't forget, but I supect what's
going on is you're installing sarge, so it downloads the sarge version
of base-installer. This is currently only fixed in the version in sid.
To get at that version, you'd have to use expert mode and tell it to
install unstable, or pass 'mirror/suite=unstable' on the kernel command
line as you boot the installer.

see shy jo

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