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Bug#274936: tasksel: Split the debian-tasks.desc

|--==> Joey Hess writes:

  JH> [1  <text/plain; us-ascii (quoted-printable)>]
  JH> Free Ekanayaka wrote:
  >>I propose to split the debian-tasks.desc file in several
  >>* lang-tasks.desc:    for language related tasks which get 
  >>automatically installed or excluded
  >>* server-tasks.desc:  for server related tasks (Mail server,
  >>File server, etc.)
  >>* desktop-tasks.desc: for desktop related task (currently
  >>only Desktop)
  >>This  way it's simpler   for CDDs to  divert  only  part of the  tasks
  >>(typically server and/or desktop), while leaving untouched the others.

  JH> It seems to me that no matter what split I choose, it will not be the
  JH> split appropriate for someone's custom distribution. Unless perhaps if I
  JH> split out one file per task, and then it will be too much work to divert
  JH> away all these files, and keep the diversions up to date as debian tasks
  JH> are added or removed.

Yes, I see your point.

So what  do you suggest me to  do if I  want to keep all the automatic
language related tasks and get rid of Desktop, Mail server, etc?

Should I copy all the language related file to my custom task list and
divert debian-tasks.desc entirely? 

I don't like this solution that much, but it's almost only an esthetic
complain. However  if  some  language task  changes in   the  original
debian-tasks.desc from tasksel,  then I have to  re-import  them in my
diverted one.



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