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Bug#274936: tasksel: Split the debian-tasks.desc

Package: tasksel
Version: 2.12
Severity: wishlist


I propose to split the debian-tasks.desc file in several

 * lang-tasks.desc:    for language related tasks which get 
                       automatically installed or excluded

 * server-tasks.desc:  for server related tasks (Mail server,
                       File server, etc.)

 * desktop-tasks.desc: for desktop related task (currently
                       only Desktop)

This  way it's simpler   for CDDs to  divert  only  part of the  tasks
(typically server and/or desktop), while leaving untouched the others.

For example A/DeMuDi would  let lang-tasks  untouched, while it  would
divert the server-tasks including a  "Audio streaming server", and the
desktop-tasks too with "Recording studio", "Live performance", etc.



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