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Bug#275006: pre-RC2 install report, SCSI disk not found

Tapio Lehtonen wrote:
> I boot with linux26. Boot works from IDE CD, kernel module for Adaptec
> SCSI is chosen. Hard disk is SCSI. But installer fails to find the
> SCSI drive. I installed this same machine with RC1, then it worked.

It seems to me the kernel module most not be seeing or working with your
drive. If you can send the syslog from the install, we might be able to
see why.

> I also saw the known error of red background. The installer screen
> background was sometimes red. Seemed random, most of the times it was
> blue but I did get red twice. Even when it was red, some screens
> showed blue bagkground, but the next screen was again red.

Seems to me you're describing a regular error message here.

see shy jo

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