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Re: Mixer Problem

Josselin Mouette wrote:
> I wonder why discover is installed at all. Having only hotplug works
> perfectly for hardware detection, and this one doesn't load unneeded OSS
> modules.
> Can anyone from the Debian boot team please explain why discover1 is
> installed by default while it is that broken?

Because discover1 is used for hardware detection during the installation
run. We have no assurance that the set of hardware detected by hotplug
is identical to the set detected by discover1. Some subset of the set
detected by discover1 is probably necessary for the installed system to
work at all. Therefore, we have to use discover1. Unfortunatly, we know
that hotplug detects a generally larger set of hardware (including all
usb stuff) than discover1, and that these sets overlap, so we install
hotplug too. Nice mess.

(BTW, discover1 has a blacklist mechanism, clearly documented, although
completly different from hotplug's. And of course the user is welcome to
possibly break their machine by removing one or both hardware detection
packages after the install if they desire.)

see shy jo

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