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Re: Mixer Problem

Josselin Mouette a écrit :

Le mardi 05 octobre 2004 à 18:20 +0930, Michael Gratton a écrit :
Too bad this isn't done by default.

     * add a line to /etc/discover.conf to prevent discover from
       installing the equivalent OSS modules
Yeah, alsa-base installs /etc/hotplug/blacklist.d/alsa-base to fix
hotplug, but no equivalent mechanism seems to exist for discover1.

After looking into to, it seems that discover (v2) may fix the problem,
but I wonder why discover1 is installed by default. Does anyone know of
any problems using discover (v2) from unstable?

I wonder why discover is installed at all. Having only hotplug works
perfectly for hardware detection, and this one doesn't load unneeded OSS

Can anyone from the Debian boot team please explain why discover1 is
installed by default while it is that broken?
Maybe discover (v2) can solve problems, but I have not succeeded to get mixer and sound with gnome 2.6 on sid, instead of wmaker and kde where I have no problem with sound and mixer. What is broken with gnome vis-à-vis mixer elements?


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