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PPC 6360 boot woes


I'm new to the list so I'll say Hi to everyone before I get started.  

First off I have a ppc 6360 that once upon a time, I installed netbsd
on.  I removed macos completely and I''v got myself into a bit of a

It seems that I set the bootvars to boot-auto (or whatever the exact
syntax is) and now I'm having troubles getting into Openfirmware to
make some changes (I'm switching to debian which I'm much more
comfortable with).

So what I'm asking help for is, HOw can I get back into Openfirmware?
(the command-option-O-F isn't working), and or, where can I find a
copy of a linux equivalent to bootvars.  I've seen it mentioned on the
web as I've been googling for over a day now, but I haven't found a
package or the source.  The name of it started with 'nvedit' but
that's not the whole name of the prog I saw.

I'll stop rambling now and close with a thanks in advance for the
help.  If there's anything within reason I can do to help someone just

>From deep in Tennessee


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