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Re: 3 days till freeze of initrd contents

On Tue, Oct 05, 2004 at 12:48:21AM -0400, Rick Thomas wrote:
> Joey and/or Sven,

Rick, i am currently traveling;, and very busy, so it would be best to try to
do the fix yourself, or to get someone else to do it with you.

Mmm, i had a quick look, and it seems that your IDE controller doesn't appear
in lspci output, so it is either not there, or not a pci device. In any case,
maybe you should contact gaudenz or colin watson about this. the dmesg outptu
shows that it is not a pci device, but a function of the :

  0000:00:10.0 ff00: Apple Computer Inc. Heathrow Mac I/O (rev 01)

So the best solution would be to add info for it to hw-detect.

Could you confirm which module is supposed to be used for this, and thaty it
is indeed included in the appropriate ide module .udeb or something.

Colin can add it and do a module rebuild if it is not present, and code would
need to be added to hw-detect to load it, which you probably coukld do
yourself, since it is just a plain shell script and there are other exazmples
of this like the airport module and such.

> Please take a look at Bug#274814: (PowerPC 2.4 boot floppy doesn't 
> see my IDE hard disk) and reassign it to the appropriate folks (I'm 
> not familiar enough with who does what to do this myself) so that 
> there's at least a chance that it can be fixed before the initrd is 
> frozen...

There is a chance that this may not need an initrd change, at least for the
net_drivers installation.

> It's preventing me from making any progress on OldWorld floppy boot 
> testing and the problems that some people have reported with the 
> "quik" boot loader, which are my primary focus points at this time.
> Except for those two items, the rest of the OldWorld PowerPC Mac 
> stuff seems to be working pretty well -- modulo a few small 
> glitches that are likely to be architecture non-specific, so need 
> no special pleading from me.
Sorry to not be helpfull this time, i will be able to look at this more past
Oct 15, but you may have more luck doing it yourself or working with others on
this until then.


Sven Luther
> Thanks!
> Rick

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