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3 days till freeze of initrd contents

Just a reminder that the last day to upload any changed udebs that will
go in the initrds for tc2 is Thursday. And that's cutting it very fine.
Unless we run into severe bugs, of course. If someone already knows of
severe bugs that might delay this timelime, please tell me.

         7 Oct translation uploads 
               last day to upload fixes to packages on initrds 
         8 Oct initrd builds start for rc2 
        21 Oct initrd builds finish (or earlier..) 
               last day for uploads of any udebs or debs for rc2 
        22 Oct udebs propigated to testing (tc1 breaks) 
               full debian freeze probably starts here
               final netinst and businesscard CD builds
               begin full CD builds
        23 Oct testing begins 
        26 Oct full CD builds finish
        29 Oct web site updates
               and rc2 release

see shy jo

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