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Re: 3 days till freeze of initrd contents

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):
> Just a reminder that the last day to upload any changed udebs that will
> go in the initrds for tc2 is Thursday. And that's cutting it very fine.
> Unless we run into severe bugs, of course. If someone already knows of
> severe bugs that might delay this timelime, please tell me.

No severe problem on i18n/l10n side. The biggest one is and will
remain the inability to change the language in the middle of an
install (this ends in an unsupported locale).

The bad countrychooser problem has been solved by Frans and I just
have a minor fix waiting in languagechooser.

Are we still short in space so that no new language should be added (I
guess the answer is yes) ? This would be worth only for Macedonian as
the other prospective language with a significant translation ratio
(Malagasy) still has no locale.

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