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Bug#274547: Installation Report: pre-rc2 (linux26), x86 SCSI system (sym53c8xx), ADSL/PPPOE (SpeedTouch 530)

Le 2004-10-02 18:09 (samedi), M.-A. DARCHE a écrit / 
On 2004-10-02 18:09 (samedi), M.-A. DARCHE wrote :
> This is the first Debian-Installer build I have tried with Linux 2.6 that
> supports the LSI Logic / Symbios Logic 53c895 (sym53c8xx) controller.
> This is great! Maybe bug #238473 can now be closed and someone ask the
> submitter to try another install with a new Debian-Installer.

It seems that bug #255237 "kernel 2.6 doesn't recognize the SCSI
controller or cdrom" can also be closed.

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