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Bug#274490: pre-RC2 report, tasksel problems

Tapio Lehtonen wrote:
> Installation manual tells to use syslinux to boot from
> USB-memory. This needs to be remedied, BTS has #198197, #259547,
> #273453 stating syslinux stopped working in version 2.04 one year and
> 104 days ago. Change the manual to use GRUB. 

I've successfully booted many machines from usb using sylinux, and none
with grub. Only two of the bug reports you reference mentions booting from
usb. If it helps I could file that many bug reports on grub for failing
to boot from usb on various machines. :-P

> I chose desktop task. At the end of installation after I saw screen
> stating log in now using the created accounts, the system
> froze. Keyboard did not react, host did not answer to ping. I waited
> five minutes, nothing happened and screen looked like it just shows
> uniform color. I had to boot using power switch. After this forced
> boot I logged in using GDM, but Gnome did not start,
> gnome-control-center was not installed. I installed it manually, now
> Gnome sort of starts, I see the screen background but no taskbars, no
> icons and nothing. Can't do anything in that session.
> I noticed KDE session is not available in gdm login screen. 
> I ran tasksel and there desktop environment was not chosen but mail
> server was. Perhaps I forgot to choose desktop environment after all,
> but the installer did put about 1.3G of files on the harddisk and
> there are parts of Gnome and KDE at least. Now it is installing
> gnome-panel, gnome-terminal etc, no wonder Gnome did not work. 

You installed only half of the desktop task. I suspect your log might
show why the rest installs, if it was not eaten by the crash (or if the
rest didn't fail to install due to the crash, it's not really clear).

see shy jo

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