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Bug#274486: preseed: looks need to rewrite debconf/frontend before reboot

Kenshi Muto wrote:
> >  d-i     debconf/frontend        string  newt
> Hmm, example file hasn't this variable...
> Example file worked correctly.
> My problematic preseed file is created from debconf-get-selections
> --installer.

That's problimatic in other ways, for example it sets the value of
base-config/main-menu to the last menu item in base-config skipping the

There's really no value in preseeing debconf/frontend to newt (perhaps
to text, which will be handled ok I think). Can we fix this bug by just
updating the manual to not suggest using debconf-get-selections except
as a way to find individual entries to use in a preseed file, and not to
use it for the whole file?

see shy jo

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