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I have just synchronised the localechooser tree, in

Localechooser is the package aimed at replacing languagechooser and
countrychooser in etch versions of Debian Installer.

At the moment, the package mostly consists of languagechooser and
countrychooser merged together in a single script. Some cleaning has
been done, but a lot more needs to be done.

I have added one feature : after choosing the language and country,
the user is prompted for the locale (s)he wants to use, among those
supported for the given language/country combination.

This question, only asked at medium priority, will give users more
control on the locale used on the final system.

For testing this package, you just need to build it and use it in a
netboot or floppy image, built by editing
installer/build/pkg-lists/<flavour>/common and replacing there
languagechooser and countrychooser by "localechooser".

All D-I contributors are welcome for proposing and even committing
patches there, especially for cleaning the code which is currently
quite a mess.

Of course, this is low priority work as the main goal ATM is getting a
good installer with the "old" language/country choosers..:-)

I try to keep this synced with recent changes to language and
countrychooser, for instance Frans code we recently added to


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