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Bug#265183: pppoe workaround of the post-reboot problem

On Sep 20, Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> wrote:

> Which loop? I do not know why your modem has an own IP, maybe it is a
> router and not a modem? Why does it give your local systems DHCP
> adresses? How are they related to whatever is connected there? Or maybe
> it is not a usual PPPoE modem but this other weird
> ip-route-over-fake-internal-network-with-dhcp-over-DSL system (*).
He is using an alcatel speedtouch ethernet modem which encapsulates
PPP in PPTP, to allow using PPPoA. The modem has and the host
should have another address in that range.
This page describes a similar but different (there is no ppp0, but eth0)
configuration: http://pptpclient.sourceforge.net/diagrams.phtml .
If the modem DHCP server is really providing a gateway then I
consider this a modem bug.

> PS: (*) I am still looking for somebody to explain me how this
> "technology" works and can provide a reliable step-for-step howto to add
> support for it to pppoeconf. Or even patches. From time to time people
> asked me to add support for their "DHCP DSL" but for real support more > is needed.

It's not hard. Look at this example configuration:

ciao, |
Marco | [8086 spM4h02ownjLg]

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