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Bug#272136: [URGENT] Debian Installer: Bug#272136: countrychooser: db_go fails when choosing Arabic as language

> Looks like the problem is coming from diacritics (harakat). I don't see
> stand-alone harakat in your first attachment. Also, the only thing that
> is common between the country names mentioned and the po file you have
> attached, it seems, is that they include the 'shadda' diacritic.
> Others, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Hmmm, diacritics indeed modify another character, right?

This means that combining a character and a diacritic would give a
different character. The combination is done by the shaping code and
thus the final character is indeed not present in the original file,

If that is true, this means that the needed characters (the rsult of
the combination of harakat and the original character) should be in
the needed-characters/ar file as well probably as the standalone

Could you complete the "ar" file I originally sent so that it includes
harakat as well as combined characters (if I'm not wrong above) ?

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