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Bug#270536: Acknowledgement (anna cant't find /cdrom/dists//Release on netinst and full CD set.)

I managed to install from CD when I started with expert26 and told
module loding part of installation that each module that have to do with
ide and cd should have argument nodma. I think that I only need to tell
module ide-cd this. But havn't checked.

I also excluded port 0x800-0x8ff on PCMCIA (as told by some webpage
about Dell laptops, sorry, no refs. But stable booting with sound
(snd256_audio hang), which didn't always work before).

I had to umount and remount cdrom.  After that, it worked all right with
netboot cd. Worked with two Dell Latitude CPi A400XT that I tried on.

Thanks for realy good installer (when hardware worked ;-).
Like having it translated in swedish (but I manage with english to).

This should prob. be in installation manual.

Anders Jackson

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