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Re: [l10n] Manual translation issues

On Wed, Sep 15, 2004 at 08:52:52PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> > > Yes, that works. I have split the file into bookinfo.xml and
> > > preface.xml.  I will try to check all .xml files for the same kind of
> > > errors.
> > Great, one problem solved :)
> There are quite a few more with the same problem:

Well, I won't have a perfect solution, but I'll try my best. Our problem
is that we call non-balanced xml-chunks .xml-files, which they are not, as
XML is at least always enclosed in some tag. That's why we can't use
normal xml-tools at the moment. Let's try to kill the beast ;)

> en/appendix/files.xml

IMHO, this should be split into two files. It's also kind of unlogical to
have two sections in one file, while other sections get a file each.

> en/boot-installer/alpha.xml
> en/boot-installer/arm.xml
> en/boot-installer/i386.xml
> en/boot-installer/ia64.xml
> en/boot-installer/intro-cd.xml
> en/boot-installer/intro-hd.xml
> en/boot-installer/intro-net.xml
> en/boot-installer/m68k.xml
> en/boot-installer/mips.xml
> en/boot-installer/powerpc.xml
> en/boot-installer/s390.xml
> en/boot-installer/sparc.xml

These look tough to get a perfect solution, but I would propose to make
the <sect1> arch-conditional and move it into each arch-file. We'll have a
couple of equal strings in different .po's, but that's another problem,
which can be addressed later.

> en/hardware/supported-peripherals.xml

Splitting should be the way. One section is Supported Hardware, the other
- how to buy good hardware for Linux. Two different topics - two files.

> en/install-methods/download/arm.xml

No definite solution, but maybe this could get restructured a bit? Another
solution could be including a conditional <sect2> in arch-dependant files.

> en/install-methods/floppy/m68k.xml

I would propose reorganizing the floppy section. Splitting some paragraphs
out and leaving other in is somehow inconsistent. Should think about it
more ;)

> en/partitioning/partition/ia64.xml

Should probably split this out, maybe a small restructuring could do good.

> en/preparing/bios-setup/i386.xml
> en/preparing/bios-setup/s390.xml
> en/preparing/bios-setup/sparc.xml

Not sure what to do. Generally speaking, an invisible grouping element
would be nice. Is there something like that available for DocBook?

> en/preparing/nondeb-part/alpha.xml
> en/preparing/nondeb-part/m68k.xml
> en/preparing/nondeb-part/sparc.xml


> en/using-d-i/modules/ia64/elilo-installer.xml

Could be splitted.

> en/welcome/doc-organization.xml

Split and reorganize. The one FIXME section could be expanded and get its
own file.

> In most cases, there are several <sectX> for the same level after each 
> other. I wouldn't really like to split the arch-dependent files, so I guess 
> some other solution will have to be found...

Like I said above, it would be nice, if we had some kind of grouping
element, which would not be rendered in the resulting document.

> > <para condition="translation">Note from the translator: as you might
> > notice....</para>
> > <para condition="work_in_progress">This is work in progress!</para>

> Hmmm. That would work for maybe one or two places as _all_ para's with the 
> same condition be activated at the same time. (Or you would need a 
> different condition for each one, but that is hard to maintain.
> Maybe best to just drop the extra para or maybe include it using \n for 
> linefeeds (I'll have to test if that works first).

We have to find out, which parts of the manual require such passages. Then
we can think about "language-dependant composition files" ;)

> > So today you're making some changes, neat ;) BTW, I'm thinking about
> > coming to Oldenburg too, I'm not _that_ far away.
> Would be nice. Maybe we could finalize something there.

Maybe. I'm still considering it, but I'm about 75% of being sure now ;)

> Here are my current scripts (to be run from ./manual/).
> I'm currently writing everything to a .manual/po/ directory, but I think in 
> the end we should create a po/ directory under each dir containing the 
> untranslated .xml files.

build/ generally needs some reorganization.

Nikolai Prokoschenko 
nikolai@prokoschenko.de / Jabber: pronik@jabber.org

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