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Bug#271417: "Select keyboard" defaults to "European" when "American English" is expected on OldWorld PowerPC

> Note 2:
> 	"Select Keyboard" defaults to "European", even though
> 	I answered all the location (US) and language
> 	(English) questions up to then so as to indicate
> 	that "American English" was the appropriate default.
> 	I manually chose the "American English" keyboard
> 	layout.
> 	I don't know if it's related, but after the reboot,
> 	perl and man (among others) complained about the the
> 	locale being not supported or installed.  The
> 	/etc/environment file contained:
> 		LANG="en"
> 		LANGUAGE="en_GB:en_US:en"
> 	I would have thought that "en_US" should have come
> 	first in "LANGUAGE" and (maybe) replaced "en" as the
> 	correct value for "LANG".

This is probably related. 

A bug was identified in countrychooser which lead to this.

The last uploaded countrychooser should solve this. It will appear in
today's build....

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