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Re: Bug#261476: languagechooser entry for bulgarian

On Τρι 07 Σεπ 2004 17:15, Christian Perrier wrote:
(Kostas, you're concerned at the end of this mail)

Yes I was about to reply when I received also your mail :-)

> > It also unnecessarily anna-installs bterm-unifont for Greek.
> Well, about that specific point, I know we have someone in the team
> who takes care of this and follows everything properly (please do
> not misunderstand me....I do not say that no-one cares about
> cyrillic languages). So, all decisions about Greek input/output are
> Konstantinos Margaritis only. I will revert all changes supposedly
> related to Greek which are made without his approval.

Well, with regard to this particular point. Long ago when console data 
did not set the Greek font (at least not without manual 
configuration), there was no other way than to use jfbterm and 
bterm-unifont for the installation in Greek. I still like it better 
than the usual console fonts, even if the display is slower (using fb 
and all that). The greek unifont characteres are much nicer, anyway. 
And this is the feedback I also get from users, so it's not just my 
own opinion. So please don't change the current behaviour for Greek.


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