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Re: Bug#261476: languagechooser entry for bulgarian

(Kostas, you're concerned at the end of this mail)

Quoting Anton Zinoviev (anton@lml.bas.bg):
> I saw that in the planned future version 1.30 of languagechooser #261476
> will be fixed by making console-cyrillic to be used to setup the
> Bulgarian console just like the other Cyrillic languages.  I think that
> for Bulgarian we do not need console setup in languagechooser because
> console-cyrillic will nicely care about this.  In order to avoid jfbterm
> it woould be enough to add support for CP1251 in termwrap.
> The reason about this is that Bulgaria is the only place in the world
> where two completely different keyboard layouts are in common use [1]
> (the so called BDS and phonetic).  People knowing BDS have big
> difficulties with phonetic and people knowing the phonetic keyboard
> layout can not use BDS.  I think that BDS is more popular but most of
> the Linux users use phonetic.
> With the "cyr=..." the console-cyrillic package has to be autoinstalled
> at the first stage of the installer and the user doesn't see the
> important question about the keyboard layout.

Hmmm, informations about this are *very* contradictory and I must
admit that I cannot manage decisions with these informations. 

So, please, people using cyrillic languages and input/output methods,
end up with a definitive solution for these problems.

This basically involves you (Anton), Ognyan as Bulgarian translator,
Eugeniy as Ukrainian translator and Nikolai as Russian translator (no
news from the Serbian translator for a while).

I can barely test cyrillic languages installs from time to time and
check that *display* is correct (mostly because I still have some
things left from my Russian classes....enough for barely read and
understand Russian and some Ukrainian and Bulgarian as well as read
Serbian)....However, when it comes at *input* methods, I'm totally

So, as usual, folks, PLEASE TEST D-I IN YOUR LOCAL LANGUAGE. OK, I now
geeks prefer English for some reasons I personnaly tend to think are
bullshit, but please make at least some efforts..If you already do
these efforts, congratulations....:-)

About these problems, the solution is up to you all. You all have
commit access to D-I repository..:-)

> By the way languagechooser apt-installs console-cyrillic and
> xfonts-terminus for ru but not for uk.

Sure of that. If I read and understand properly, it should.

> It also unnecessarily anna-installs bterm-unifont for Greek.

Well, about that specific point, I know we have someone in the team
who takes care of this and follows everything properly (please do not
misunderstand me....I do not say that no-one cares about cyrillic
languages). So, all decisions about Greek input/output are
Konstantinos Margaritis only. I will revert all changes supposedly
related to Greek which are made without his approval.

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