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Re: [l10n] Status pages update

Quoting Dennis Stampfer (seppy@debian.org):
> Hey translators and translation interested people,
> after some delay, I managed to update the status page(s) for
> debian-installer translation work. The scripts are now level-based, no 
> stages anymore.

For those who didn't follow the whole story, the concept of levels is
explained in the new documentation you will find in

installer/doc/i18n/i18n.xml (built files in the same directory, TXT or

The levels far better reflect the progressive work of "D-I

1st level are D-I packages only
2nd level are all other packages which display messages for user's input
          *during all default installs at high priority*
          (shadow/debconf exim4 popcon iso-codes/iso-3166...)
3rd level is for packages which display messages for user's input
          during other types of installs
          (dictionaries-common pppconfig...)
4th level if for packages which display messages but do not input
          (dpkg apt aptitude...)

So, now we will have a way to say : "D-I is translated to XX languages
for its 1st part and YY languages for its 2nd part".

The stats clearly show that we focused on level1 and level2
translations, which is logical, and we reached nearly the same level
of translation for both.

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