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[l10n] Status pages update

Hey translators and translation interested people,

after some delay, I managed to update the status page(s) for
debian-installer translation work. The scripts are now level-based, no 
stages anymore.

Using them is quite the same as before:

Instead of:

   ...2nd-stage, 3rd-stage

go to:


As usual, you can download templates in pot/ directory and outdated
translations in files/.
If your language has been switched to master-file-translation, you will
find the template and the file in master/ of level1.

A new, visible feature is the quick-overview. You can check and compare
how much every single language has already done of it's translation work
in the levels:


Currently, we have 44 languages. We don't count English as a language
because English does not try to reach "100% translated". English/en is
not listed on the status pages. It would only drop down the translation
statistics and confues users: "uh, why is English only 10%?"

Stats of all 44 (no English) languages by Mon Sep  6 19:59:19 UTC 2004
  Level1: 85.72%
  Level2: 81.63%
  Level3: 45.72%
  Level4: 47.22%

If you think, there is anything missing, feel free to mail me :)


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