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Re: Installation failure

Andreas Tille wrote:
> >Andreas Tille wrote:
> >># fdisk /dev/hda
> >>   Unable to open /dev/hda
> >># cfdisk /dev/hda
> >>   FATAL ERROR: Cannot open disk drive
> >
> >The debian installer uses devfs.
> Well that means exactly what if it does not detect the harddisk?  It only 
> means
> that my manual intervention was bound to fail but it does not solve the 
> problem
> that the installer was not able to find any disk when it startet the 
> partitioning
> step.

Since the partitioner has been broken for 3 out of 5 days this past
week, in ways that made it claim it couldn't find the disk, it means you
probably ran into that problem, rather than any real lack of detection
of your hard disk.

see shy jo

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